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  • On March 23rd, INL Senior Police Advisor Alex Dominguez joined PNP counterparts at a ceremony to donate three heavy duty vehicles and ten computers to support counter-narcotics operations. Two vehicles are destined to a police base in Peru’s leading cocaine producing region. A third vehicle and ten computers will improve police training for a Lima police education center and PNP field units. This $90,000 donation is a part of INL’s continuing commitment to support the PNP’s counter-narcotics mission.

    U.S. Government donates Vehicles and Computers in support of Peruvian National Police.

  • (March 18) Wynton Marsalis is the most famous trumpeter in the world and known for his interest in promoting the appreciation of jazz music in the education field. More than 1,000 people attended the concert, among students of music from other public schools and professional musicians. The concert was held as part of the educational activities of Jazz at Lincoln Center and the U.S. Embassy interest in supporting education and promoting the best of American culture among Peruvian young people and students. The activity was supported by the Ministry of Education and is possible thanks to the invitation of TQ Producciones, who organized the concert in the National Grand Theater on March 17.

    Ambassador Brian A. Nichols opened the concert of Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis at the Public School I.E. 6082 Los Próceres, in Santiago de Surco (Lima).

  • U.S. Embassy DCM Lawrence Gumbiner, Peruvian Attorney General Pablo Sanchez Velarde and Police General José Luis Lavalle Santa Cruz, participated in the opening ceremony of the workshop “Criminal Investigation of Organized Crime” at the Public Ministry March 16-20.  The more than 60 participants were composed of judges, prosecutors, police officers, public solicitors, and public defenders.  This workshop falls under a broader program funded by INL and implemented by the American Bar Association-Rule of Law Initiative (ABA-ROLI) to support the Government of Peru in its transition to the accusatory criminal procedure code. A second ABA-ROLI workshop began at Peru’s Supreme Court Palace on March 23. INL Programs Officer Rebecca Kinyon joined Supreme Judge Luis Lecaros and Supreme Prosecutor Jose Pelaez in launching a “train the trainers” workshop on oral litigation for 30 justice operators.

    DCM Lawrence Gumbiner Launches Workshop to Support Peru’s Transition to the New Criminal Procedures Code

  • (March 13)

    Continuing with his trips in Peru, Ambassador Brian A. Nichols visited Cajamarca where he met with English Language Alumni, regional government authorities and other local personalities.

  • (March 10) During the security conference hosted by the Advisory Council on Security Issues Abroad (OSAC), Ambassador Nichols highlighted the current economic growth in Peru which makes it attractive for investment and tourism.  The Ambassador also  said that about 450,000 U.S. citizens visited Peru in 2014.

    U.S. Ambassador Brian A. Nichols addressed to 180 representatives and security chiefs of large security U.S. companies working in Latin American, who attended the International Security Conference held in Marriott Hotel in Lima.

More News From the Embassy

  • (March 17)
    America Goes Green for St. Patrick’s Day. March 17 is the feast day of Ireland’s patron saint, the cleric Patrick (386–461).

    Little girls in brightly embroidered dresses squirm under last-minute smoothing of hair and bows. In virtually every U.S. primary school, public or private, classrooms are decorated with green; a failure to wear green to school on St. Patrick’s Day might be punished with a playful pinch. St. Patrick’s Day might be one of the world’s most celebrated holidays, with city-sponsored festivities held in Japan, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Great Britain and the United States as well as the saint’s beloved Ireland. That geography reflects the broad dispersion of Irish, through choice or necessity, in a 300-year, globe-spanning migration. But perhaps in no other adopted nation is the Irish presence felt as keenly as in the United States, where an ethnic holiday has expanded to embrace all Americans. 

  • (March 7)
    President Obama followed in the footsteps of America’s civil rights pioneers, giving a speech in Selma, Alabama, 50 years after “Bloody Sunday.”

    Recognizing he was standing on the shoulders of the giants of the civil rights movement, Obama called on Americans to build on those earlier achievements and overcome the differences that continue to divide the nation. It might be hard, he acknowledged, but “we don’t fear the future; we grab for it.” Marching in Edmund Pettus Bridge, the President reminded Americans that their country “is a constant work in progress” and that the U.S. tradition of confronting “uncomfortable truths” makes it strong. Doing so “requires the occasional disruption, the willingness to speak out for what is right, to shake up the status quo,” he said. 

  • (March 6)
    In an interview with RPP, U.S. Ambassador Brian A. Nichols stated that trade relations between Peru and the U.S. are progressing considerably and have more than doubled in a decade. Ambassador also highlighted increase tourism from the U.S. to Peru

    Ambassador Nichols said that U.S.-Peru relations and mutual collaboration in counter-narcotics are excellent. Ambassador noted the firm commitment of the Peruvian Government to face this issue. He stressed that Peru has broken records in terms of interdiction and eradication of illegal coca, which last year reached the 30,000 hectares, besides the seizure of more than 30 tons of cocaine and a significant figure of seized precursor chemicals. The Ambassador also confirmed that the U.S. Embassy has lifted the restriction that prevented its officials to eat at Sophie’s Bistro restaurant in Miraflores. 

  • (March 5)
    Peruvian-U.S. Oncologist Doctor Elmer Huerta, and a representative of the U.S. National Cancer Institute met with Ambassador Brian A. Nichols to discuss health issues and U.S.-Peru cooperation in this area.


  •  (March 3)
    INL Launches Guiding the Recovery of Women (GROW) Training Course in Lima, which will strengthen Peru’s capacity to provide access and treatment to substance-abusing women and their children.

    INL Director Jeff Hovenier and Peru’s Vice Minister of Public Health Percy Minaya Leon launched the Guiding the Recovery of Women (GROW) training course in Lima. Over the next 18 months, the non-governmental organization CARE Peru, in coordination with Peru’s Ministry of Health and anti-drug agency DEVIDA, will train 40 health-care professionals in the GROW curriculum. Each trainer will then echo train 25 treatment services providers and at least 150 health care professionals from public health facilities. The cornerstone of DOS efforts to enhance access to gender-responsive services, GROW includes ten specialized courses on the following: pregnant addicted women, women and children, domestic violence, trauma, co-occurring disorders, adolescent girls, relapse prevention, aftercare, substance abuse treatment, and family therapy. The curriculum has been implemented in Guyana, Brazil, Ecuador, Guyana, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, and Malaysia. 

  • (March 2)
    Ambassador Brian. A. Nichols visited Tacna to inaugurate a Workshop on Security of Documents such as Passports and Visas aimed at Migration Officials.

    Ambassador Nichols also met with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Tacna. In addition, the Ambassador visited the Binational Center, which is supported by the U.S. Embassy with books and computers, and spoke with students who were awarded scholarships by the Embassy. 

  • (February 27)
    NASA Administrator Charles Bolden visited Lima to encourage the study of science and space and to brief University students on his NASA experience in space exploration

    On February 27, Charles Bolden briefed University students at Universidad Tecnologica del Peru (UTP) on his NASA experience in space exploration. Among the attendees were the English language students who were awarded scholarships by the Embassy. 


  • Secretary Kerry speaks (United Nations)

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2014 Priorities

  • Acting in COP20
  • 100k Strong banner in Spanish presenting a drawing of graduating students
  • Banner making the fifth anniversary of the PPTA Peru-USA