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  • (Jul. 28) On behalf of  President Obama and the peopole of the United States, I send best wishes to the people of Peru as you celebrate your Independence July 28

    Statement of Secretary of State John Kerry on Peru's Independence Day. "On this day of celebration, the United States looks forward to continued friendship and successful collaboration with Peru in the years to come."

  • (Jul. 22) The i2 Software, licenses, and associated training are worth $111,0000. This software will strengthen the institucional work by consolidating SUNAT's data, empowering their exixting technology. Thus, providing a timely delivery of actionable intelligence to help identify, predict, prevent, and disrupt counterdrug, criminal, and/or illegal activities. INL Director Jeff Hovenier delivered the donation to SUNAT Director Tania Quispe.

    U.S. Embassy International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) Section donated a data analysis tool for law enforcement organizations to SUNAT

  • (Jul. 18) Ambassador Nichols: "We are collaborating to improve the lives of Peruvians."

    Ambassador Brian A. Nichols meets with Minister Paola Bustamante, Minister of Development and Social Inclusion

  • (Jul. 16) President of the Judiciary Enrique Mendoza greeted Ambassador Nichols.

    US Ambassador Brian A. Nichols met with the President of the Judiciary

  • (Jul. 3) At the Golden Room in the Peruvian Government Palace, US Ambassador Brian A. Nichols presented his Credentials to President Ollanta Humala.  Ambassador Nichols was accompanied by his wife to the ceremony.

    Ambassador Brian A. Nichols presented his Credentials to President Ollanta Humala

More News From the Embassy

  • (Jul. 28) Assistant Secretary Tom Malinowski on the Release of the 2013 Report on International Religious Freedom Report.
    2013 International Religious Freedom Report

    The Peruvian government generally respected religious freedom; however, non-Catholic religious group were unable to register under regulations adopted in 2011 and were thus unable to receive certain benefits available to the Catholic Church.   »

  • (July 25)
    Consular Services

    "The Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs is currently experiencing technical problems with the passport/visa system. This issue is worldwide and is not specific to any particular country, citizenship document, or visa category. We apologize to applicants who are experiencing delays or are unable to obtain a passport, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, or visa at this time. We are working urgently to correct the problem and expect our system to be fully operational again soon." 

  • (Jul. 17)
    Ten-Year Endeavor: NASA's Aura Tracks Pollutants

    NASA's Aura satellite, celebrating its 10th anniversary, provides vital data about the cause, concentrations and impact of major air pollutants. 

  • (Jul. 20) (State Image)
    NBC Interview to Secretary of State John Kerry on Russia and Ukraine

    Secretary Kerry "We need Russia to publicly, publicly start to call for responsible action and itself take actions that they can take with the separatists that they have encouraged, they have inflamed, they have supplied, they have trained, and that are still engaged in a contest for the sovereignty of Ukraine itself. Russia said they would respect the sovereignty of Ukraine, but that is not respectful to be transferring those weapons across." 

  • (Jul. 1) (State Image)
    Statement of President Obama on Border Security and Immigration Reform

    President Obama: "One of the things we celebrate on Friday (4th of July) –- one of the things that make this country great –- is that we are a nation of immigrants. Our people come from every corner of the globe. That's what makes us special. That's what makes us unique. And throughout our history, we’ve come here in wave after wave from everywhere understanding that there was something about this place where the whole was greater than the sum of its parts; that all the different cultures and ideas and energy would come together and create something new." 

  • (Jun. 30) (State Image)
    New. US Ambassador to Peru Brian A. Nichols

    Ambassador Brian A. Nichols is honored to be designated as the U.S. Ambassador to Peru. Ambassador Nichols is returning after twenty five years to Peru, which was his first designation in the Foreign Service. Learn more about his personal history and how he wants to connect with the Peruvian people. What do you think best represents Peru now and that Ambassador Nichols should experience? 

  • (June 30)
    15 Undergraduate students and 30 future English teachers participated in two online courses (MOOC) offered by MIT and the University of Oregon

    From March to June, the US Embassy offered facilitated sessions for online courses "Entrepreneurship: Who is your customer?" virtually offered by MIT and "Shaping the Way we Teach English" by the University of Oregon. 15 undergraduate students of the Faculty of Administration at San Marcos University participated in the MIT course, and 30 future English teachers from ICPNA, La Cantuta University and Instituto Nacional Pedagógico de Monterrico in the methodology course. MOOCs are open online courses designed by the most prestigious universities in the US and in the world. We invite you to visit the most popular online platforms: and and take advantage of this innovative learning opportunity. 

Meet Our New Ambassador

2014 Priorities

  • 100k Strong banner in Spanish presenting a drawing of graduating students
  • Looking forward COP20
  • Banner making the fifth anniversary of the PPTA Peru-USA