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  • (Jul. 22) The i2 Software, licenses, and associated training are worth $111,0000. This software will strengthen the institucional work by consolidating SUNAT's data, empowering their exixting technology. Thus, providing a timely delivery of actionable intelligence to help identify, predict, prevent, and disrupt counterdrug, criminal, and/or illegal activities. INL Director Jeff Hovenier delivered the donation to SUNAT Director Tania Quispe.

    U.S. Embassy International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) Section donated a data analysis tool for law enforcement organizations to SUNAT

  • (Jul. 18) Ambassador Nichols: "We are collaborating to improve the lives of Peruvians."

    Ambassador Brian A. Nichols meets with Minister Paola Bustamante, Minister of Development and Social Inclusion

  • (Jul. 16) President of the Judiciary Enrique Mendoza greeted Ambassador Nichols.

    US Ambassador Brian A. Nichols met with the President of the Judiciary

  • (Jul. 16) Ambassador Brian A. Nichols stressed that "We (U.S.) are very happy to celebrate the promising direction that Peru-U.S. trade is taking and the boost experienced since the beginning of the Peru-U.S. FTA. In this positive and encouraging scenario, exports of U.S. food and agricultural products to Peru - among them the beef - stand out clearly."

    Ambassador Brian A. Nichols welcomed the invitees to the Reception of the U.S. Meat Exporter’s Federation, held at Westin Hotel.

  • (Jul. 3) At the Golden Room in the Peruvian Government Palace, US Ambassador Brian A. Nichols presented his Credentials to President Ollanta Humala.  Ambassador Nichols was accompanied by his wife to the ceremony.

    Ambassador Brian A. Nichols presented his Credentials to President Ollanta Humala