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Diplomatic Visas Additional Information

Diplomatic and Official Visas Additional Information

A, C-3 and G visa applicants:

Rather than scheduling an appointment, applicants for diplomatic and official visas are asked to come to the Protocol Window in the Consular Section, open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, from 2:30pm to 3:30pm.  The Protocol Window will be not be open during American and Peruvian Holidays.  Please be prepared to present the following documents:

  • A Protocol or Diplomatic Note from the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the applicant’s Embassy, or International Organization requesting visa issuance and outlining the motive of travel as well as the planned length of stay.
  • The confirmation page of Form DS-160. Please note that the confirmation page will have a barcode.
  • A 2 x 2 inch photograph, in case your photo did not upload correctly or does not meet the photograph requirements.
  • A valid passport.

Please note:

  • G-4 visa applicants are also required to submit a scanned presentation letter, issued by the International Organization, which must be sent by email to at least 48 hours before the interview appointment.
  • Diplomatic and Official visa applicants are not required to personally submit their documents.
  • Diplomatic passport holders are exempt from paying visa fees for all types of visas.  Official passport holders are not charged for official visas, but are required to pay visa application and reciprocal issuance fees, if applicable, for all non-official visas.


Visas for Personal / Domestic Employees of A or G visa holders

Although domestic employees of diplomatic and official visa holders are exempted from the visa application fee, they must still follow the application process.  Applicants must bring the following additional documentation.

  • Proof of the employer's status – Diplomatic Note or its equivalent from the employer’s current employer [a Diplomatic Note or the equivalent (ex. Note Verbale) issued by the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for A visa applicants) from the principal’s international organization or mission (for G visa applicants) confirming the employment status of the principal and requesting issuance of the visa].
  • Copy of employer's nonimmigrant A or G visa 
  • Employer's proof of ability to pay the employee's wages while in the United States. 
  • Original employment contract signed by the employer and the employee.  The contract must stipulate: 
    • Description of the work duties of the employee;
    • The proposed work schedule for the employee;
    • The hourly rate of pay (the state or federal minimum or prevailing wage, whichever is greater, for every hour worked);
    • The number of authorized holidays, vacation, and sick leave days per year;
    • The regular day(s) off each week;
    • The frequency and form of payment (check or electronic fund transfer);
    • The rate of overtime pay (state law governing overtime rates can be checked by clicking here);
    • Any money deducted for food or lodging;
    • That the employer will not withhold the employee's passport, employment contract, or other personal property, nor prohibit the employee from leaving the premises when the employee is not on duty;
    • That the employer will pay the domestic’s initial travel expenses to the United States, and, subsequently to the employer’s onward assignment, or to the employee’s country of normal residence at the termination of the assignment;
    • That the employee will not accept any other employment while working for the employer;
    • That both parties understand that the employee cannot be required to remain on the premises after working hours without compensation;
    • That the employer agrees to abide by all federal, state, and local laws in the United States.
  • The contract must also be in the possession of the employee, to be presented at the port of entry, showing original signatures of both the employer and the employee.

Please note:

  • G-5 visa applicants are required to submit a scanned presentation letter, issued by the International Organization, which must be sent by email to at least 48 hours before the interview appointment.