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Life in Peru

More Information from the Department of State

The Department of State regularly publishes Consular Information Sheets, Public Announcements, and Travels Warnings.

  • Consular Information Sheets are available for every country of the world. They include such information as location of the U.S. embassy or consulate in the subject country, unusual immigration practices, health conditions, minor political disturbances, unusual currency and entry regulations, crime and security information, and drug penalties. Peru’s Consular Information Sheet can be accessed via this link.
  • Public Announcements are a means to disseminate information about terrorist threats and other relatively short-term and/or trans-national conditions posing significant risks to the security of American travelers. There are currently no Public Announcements for Peru.
  • Travel Warnings are issued when the State Department decides, based on all relevant information, to recommend that Americans avoid travel to a certain country. There are currently no Travel Warnings for Peru.

All of these documents can be accessed at the Department of State web page.

Updated: March 30, 2011