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Marriage in Peru

Local authorities usually require that single U.S. citizens marrying in Peru present a sworn statement (known locally as a certificado de solteria) stating that they are legally free to marry in Peru. This document can be prepared by American Citizen Services at the Embassy and must be signed in front of and notarized by a Consular official. Divorced U.S. citizens will need to present an official copy of their divorce decree.

U.S. citizens are also usually required to provide a legalized copy of their birth certificate to local officials, which must be translated into Spanish. The American Citizen Services section does not provide translation services, however you can review the website for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a complete list of official translators. Please take note that the American Citizens Services unit can no longer certify nor authenticate any vital record. These records should certified with an apostille by the Secretary of State of the State where the document was issued. Please review the information regarding Notarial Services.

Marriage in Peru is performed according to the Peruvian law, and specific questions on the process should be addressed to a Peruvian attorney or local authorities.

Updated: March 30, 2011