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Change to Access Policy

  • All U.S. citizens and visa applicants must go through a security screening process before entering the embassy.  Please note that the embassy will not provide storage of any kind and applicants with prohibited items will not be allowed to enter the Consular Section.  In order to make the process as quick as possible, applicants should only carry their passports and supporting documents for their consular service.

Visas Section

Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Visas

The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru, handles all processing of non-immigrant and immigrant visas in Peru.  For more information on each of these visa types, please select a category below:

For tourism, business, study, transit, exchange, and short-term employment visas:

For petition-based legal permanent residence in the United States through a qualifying family relationship or employment offer:

Travel & Tourism in the U.S.

  • Tourism Badge

Fraud Warning: Fraudulent Job Opportunities in the United States

  • Beware of U.S. companies offering jobs, and asking for special labor or visa certifications in return for large sums of money.  Make sure you understand the process to obtain a work visa.  Do not be misled!  There are many scammers who make false promises of jobs in the U.S. in order to obtain your money.

Fraud Warning: Visa Lottery

  • Peru does not currently qualify to participate in the Diversity Visa Program, commonly referred to as the Visa Lottery.

    Fraudulent websites are posing as official U.S. Government sites.  Some companies posing as the U.S. Government have sought money in order to "complete" DV entry forms.  There is no charge to download and complete the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form.  To learn more, see the Department of State Warning and the Federal Trade Commission Warning.

    The Department of State does not notify successful DV applicants by letter or email.  Entrants can check the status of their entries by visiting the DV Entrant Status Check website.